Carpet Cleaning Stains: Ultimate Guide to Removing Mud

Published: Jun 8, 2021
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carpet cleaning stains

With the year-round rainy weather we see in Everett, Washington, every homeowner with carpet should know how to clean mud out of their carpets. Carpet cleaning stains right after they appear can help reduce the long-term effects of the mishap on your carpets.

We have an abundance of mud in Washington. So whether it’s muddy paws, shoes or feet that have tracked this pesky material into your home, we have tips on how to get it out.

It’s not practical to avoid the outdoors during muddy times and fresh air is good for you and everyone in your household. Instead of saying no more outdoor time, be prepared for cleaning mud out of your carpets and rugs. 

Carpet Cleaning Stains of Mud

The tactics you use for cleaning mud will differ a little bit from cleaning other substances out of your carpet and rugs. That’s because mud is actually easier to clean if you let it sit for a little bit. As the mud dries, it will clump and be easier to remove without smearing it deeper into your rugs or carpet.

Here are the steps to take to clean mud stains. 

  1. Let the mud dry. With most spills and soils on your carpet, you’re probably used to cleaning it up right away. However, scrubbing wet mud up makes the situation worse and can spread the stain further. Resist the urge to start cleaning the moment you spot mud.
  2. Avoid the area. Keep you and your family away from the muddy area to avoid smashing it deeper into the carpet. Make sure everyone is aware of the mud and that they should not go near it.
  3. Once the mud has dried, scoop up any dry pieces. Remove as much mud as you can using this method but be conscious of not pressing any mud into the carpet. 
  4. Vacuum your carpet. This will remove any dried pieces of mud that you left behind when you were scooping it up. While you’re at it, vacuum the entire room. You never know where there might be mud that you didn’t notice before and couldn’t see. This will prevent it from getting ground down into your carpets where it’s more challenging to remove it.
  5. Use a carpet cleaning spay to remove the stain. Test the carpet cleaner in a small and discreet area of your carpet before applying it to the stain. You don’t want to find out that it doesn’t work well with your carpets once you’ve treated a large area. It’s a good idea to keep a carpet cleaning solution on hand at all times to avoid allowing stains to set in while you head to the store. 
  6. Blot the area gently. Even once you’ve applied the carpet cleaner, you could mash the mud deeper into the carpet if you aren’t careful. Repeat the process as many times as is necessary to remove the stain.

Tips to Avoid Carpet Mud Stains

The best way to prevent mud stains is to keep mud where it belongs – outside. Here are some tips to avoid getting mud on your carpets and keep your home looking great.

  • Take your shoes off at the door. In fact, even consider taking them off in the garage or the front porch. This will prevent mud from ever making its way inside. Make a rule of no shoes indoors, but also make it simpler for people to follow the rule by having an area set aside to place shoes. This can be a shoe rack, a small rug or other arrangements that make it simple to follow the rule.
  • Have a towel or washcloth ready to clean your pet’s paws after being outside. It’s tough to instruct animals to avoid mud, and even if you don’t let them loose in the backyard for exercise, they’ll likely still walk in the grass during walks. Plan for muddy paws by always having a towel or washcloth ready to clean up before allowing them back inside. It might feel like extra work, but it’s better than having to clean up a muddy carpet mess.

In some cases, long-term stains that have been left with little or no attention might need carpet repair services instead of carpet cleaning stains. Talk to your professional carpet cleaner about your options for replacing a section of your carpet that’s suffering from persistent stains that no other methods are working to resolve.

  • Don’t allow children to go outside without shoes on. Even with a policy of leaving shoes at the door, you might still get mud in your home from your family’s feet, if they go outside with no shoes. Taking out the trash or running out to get the mail with no shoes can be tempting. But don’t do it! Place shoes in a convenient place to make it simple to access them for such short trips outside.
  • Invite guests to remove their shoes immediately when entering your home. Most people fully intend to remove their shoes upon entering a friend or family member’s home. But they get to talking or are just distracted and they forget to remove their shoes. A friendly reminder can help make your guests feel comfortable in your home, while also providing the protection you need from muddy carpet stains.
  • Don’t forget about muddy clothes! Families that have children that play sports could find that mud doesn’t only come inside on shoes, feet and paws. Clothes can be the cause of your muddy carpets as well. Do a full inspection of jerseys and sports attire before letting children in the house. This is especially important if the game takes place during a rainy day or immediately following a rainy day. Brush off clumps of mud before entering the home or supply your child with a fresh outfit before they enter the home.


What to Do About Deep, Persistent Mud Stains

Sometimes mud stains are persistent and challenging to remove. If you can’t remove the stain, with the treatment explained above, you might need to call in the experts. 

During your next regular carpet cleaning, discuss your needs with the team. Point out a problematic area to have them give it a little extra attention during their cleaning service. It doesn’t hurt to explain the cleaning methods you’ve already tried for the problematic area to give them a better idea of just how persistent that stain is.

Need Carpet Cleaning at Home or in the Office?

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In some cases, long-term stains that have been left with little or no attention might need carpet repair services instead of carpet cleaning stains. Talk to your professional carpet cleaner about your options for replacing a section of your carpet that’s suffering from persistent stains that no other methods are working to resolve.

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