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Published: Dec 6, 2020
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Having clean carpets is about more than your home looking great. While dirt marks and stains can take away from your home’s beauty, there are also pollutants and allergens lurking within your home’s floors.

Keeping your carpets clean can help you feel your best while making an inviting environment for visitors and elongating the life of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning should be a part of your housekeeping routines. This type of cleaning goes deeper than your standard vacuum or do-it-yourself shampooing routines.

Let’s review the health benefits of carpet cleaning to keep you and your family feeling good and your home looking its best.

Carpets Can Hide Pollutants

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that poor carpet maintenance can lead to a build-up of dust and harmful debris within carpeting. This releases particles into your home that you then breathe in, which can be harmful to you. As children play on carpet, it also releases these harmful particles, putting your children at risk.

So what’s hiding in your carpet and building up dangerous airborne gases into your home? The answer might surprise (and disgust) you.

  • Cockroach allergens
  • Dander
  • Dust
  • Pollution particles
  • Bacteria you track into your home on your feet or shoes
  • Pesticides
  • Mold spores
  • Dirt

To prevent these pollutants from rising out of your carpets and into the air, the EPA recommends a cleaning and maintenance routine that keeps your home safe. This includes regular vacuuming with a high-suction vacuum and effective filtration bag, protect carpets from moisture, and do deep carpet cleaning regularly to prevent pollutant buildup.

While traditional vacuuming can mix up these pollutants and push them into the air in your home, professional carpet cleaning is safe and removes them from your home. That’s why carpet cleaning should be a priority for you at least annually, if not every six months.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Prevents Mold Growth

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Even with your best efforts to clean up spills and remove moisture from your carpets before mold can form, you might have some mold spores lurking in your carpet fibers. The longer those spores are left there, the more they’ll spread and grow.

Due to changes in humidity, your home can have moisture buildup. An effective way to prevent mold is to get professional carpet cleaning done regularly. Mold is a common allergen that affects many people. You might not feel terribly ill when exposed to mold, but it weakens your immune system and will keep you from feeling your best.

When you’re exposed to mold for long periods of time, you are also at a heightened risk of developing asthma or other respiratory ailments, including hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HP is a lung inflammation where your body develops an immune response to inhaled pollutants. You might experience shortness of breath, fatigue and other symptoms similar to the flu.

Although you might not be able to see a mold spot on your carpet, you might have growth deep within your carpet. Talk to a carpet cleaning company about how they can help prevent and treat mold within your carpeting.

Vacuuming Alone Doesn’t Remove Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that leave behind their skin, body parts and feces in your carpets. And sadly, vacuuming your home doesn’t remove these pesky, nasty critters.

Because they are so small, you likely have no idea that you have dust mites. But they’re deep within your carpet, feeding on the daily dust buildup in your home.

Carpet cleaning can remove these mites to help you keep your home fresh and free of the disgusting things they leave behind.

With Time, the Air Quality in Your Home Can Deteriorate

Even the very best vacuums can’t clean your carpet and carpet pad all the way down to the subfloor. While the vacuum is certainly good for your home and for your air quality, it mostly cleans contaminants from the surface of your carpet.

With time, contaminants build up deeper in your carpet. And that’s where bringing in the professionals can help. Their tools and methods go deeper than the surface of your carpet and help give you a clean slate. That way, you can keep your home clean with vacuuming and other do-it-yourself measures for many months to come, while enjoying clean air in your home.

Carpets Should Be a Safe Space for Children

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If you have children in your home or children visit your home regularly, consider the amount of time they spend on the floor. One way children learn and grow is through play, and at a young age, so much play happens on the floor.

Children’s immune systems are still forming, which means they’re more susceptible to contaminants that hide deep within your carpets. Cleaning your carpets regularly can help keep your children safe and healthy in your home.

Clean Carpets Are Good for Mental Health

It might sound silly, but as you look around your home and see dirt spots and stains, you might start to stress out. You think about how much it would cost to replace the carpet and realize that isn’t in the budget for the year.

Or maybe learning that dust mites have made their home within your carpet is just too much for you at this point. Your home should be the place where you experience the least stress. Make sure that’s the case by keeping your carpets clean and looking great.

If there has been an accident in your home recently, the smell might also be affecting your mental health. This might make you feel like you can’t invite anyone over, which makes you more isolated and unhappy.

Professional carpet cleaning can remove pet waste, vomit and urine to make sure your home smells its best. Instead of stressing about an accident, call in the experts and protect your mental health.

Additionally, as you improve the air quality in your home, you’ll sleep better. The more sleep you get, the better and clearer your mental health is. Sleeping might be the largest amount of time you spend in your home. Make sure it’s good quality sleep with clean air in your home and peace of mind knowing that no serious contaminants are hiding in your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning in Everett, Washington

Protect your health and wellbeing with carpet cleaning from A Advanced Carpet Cleaning. Your home should be a safe and comfortable place for your whole family. Scheduling an annual carpet cleaning can help you feel good about the cleanliness of your home and keep you feeling your best.

From preventing mold from growing to eliminating those disgusting dust mites from infiltrating your home, we’ll make sure your carpets are stain-free and pollutant-free. That way, you can take pride in cleaning your home regularly while knowing it’s a safe and enjoyable place for you and your family.

We offer an online booking service to make it easy for you to schedule your service. That way, you can pick when we arrive so that it’s convenient for you. And you’ll get a full price estimate as part of your booking. See a full listing of our services to get your whole home cleaned and looking great.


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