Can You Repair Carpets with Patterns?

Published: Mar 13, 2021
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repair patterned carpet

Patterned carpet can bring character to a room. But it can also present some unique challenges if the unexpected happens. Many people assume that you can’t repair carpets with patterns. However, damage to carpets does not always mean it’s time for a full recarpeting project.

Carpet repair provides a great opportunity to keep your home looking great without the expense and headache of re-carpeting a room. If you’re planning to use patterned carpets in your home to keep up with current trends, feel free to do so.

Whenever you have your home carpeted, it’s a good idea to save some carpet in case you need to replace a section. You never know when a pattern will go out of style or you won’t be able to find it when you need to repair an area of the carpet.

We’ll explain some of the top considerations for repairing patterned carpets and guide you in keeping your home looking great.

Repair Carpets for Rips and Tears

For the most part, carpet is very durable. It will stand up to the test of time and put up with lots of wear. However, you should be careful when moving around furniture. This is a common way to accidentally rip or tear your carpets.

Another reason for rips and tears is from animals. Dogs have an innate desire to dig and bury things. So if you have a new puppy in the house, consider keeping them in a room without carpet while you work on training them about indoor behavior. This will help prevent rips and tears on your beautiful, patterned carpet.

Children can also accidentally rip or tear carpets. Toys with sharp edges or activities like riding a scooter, bike or roller blades in the house could present a hazard to your carpeting. Encourage children to be very careful when inside and look for toys that won’t harm your carpets.

Carpet Balding and Wear

repair carpet patterns

Carpets natural wear with use. And because you have normal paths in your home, the wear of your carpet won’t be completely even. Some people want carpet repair to replace high-traffic areas of carpet within their homes.

This is more challenging for patterned carpets. Matching a small section of carpet is very doable. But the larger the area, the harder it will be to get the pattern of the repair patch to fit in just right.

If you’ve chosen a patterned carpet, consider getting rugs for your main walkways in that area. That way, when the rug wears out, you can easily replace it without an issue and it will protect your unique carpet. You could even get a rug made out of your carpet to help it blend in if the pattern isn’t too crazy.

Already have a spot that’s balding or wearing out? Contact the team of experts at A Advanced. We’ll take a look and let you know whether the carpet is repairable based on where the wear is at and the pattern of your carpet.

Urine Spots

Pets and children can have accidents just about anywhere in the house. The challenge of urine is that it can soak through your carpet to the padding and even all the way to the subfloor.

Removing the smell will mean removing the carpet, padding and even the subfloor. Once again, when you have a new pet in the house or are potty training a little one, it’s best to try and keep them away from your patterned carpets. This will help prevent the problem in the first place.

However, if you do end up with a urine spot on your patterned carpet, this is repairable in many circumstances. Thankfully, these spots tend to cover a smaller area, which means getting a repair patch to match is not terribly challenging.

Accidents and Mishaps

repair pattern carpet

While we’ve blamed the children and pets in your home for accidents, adults can also be at fault for damage to carpets. From wine spills to blood stains, you could have unexpected mishaps or accidents on your patterned carpet.

Despite your best efforts to keep your carpets looking great, the unexpected can happen. You can take your shoes off every time you enter the house, have rules about drinks and foods in the room, and be very careful around your patterned carpet. Yet, things can still happen.

For example, while you prevent foods and beverages from being in the room, you could unknowingly track foods and substances into that room. A small crumb of chocolate could get attached to your foot and you could track it onto your carpet. Chocolate stains terribly and could cause a stain that even with the best cleaning regimen, you can’t clean.

Or, you could spill a beverage in an adjoining room that runs all the way to your patterned carpet. Your best-laid plans can go wrong, and you’ll need to have a backup plan.

Hopefully, your stain is in an area that is not super visible. Maybe you can rearrange your furniture in a pleasing way that still covers the stain or damage to your carpet. If so, this is the easiest fix.

Otherwise, it’s time to get in contact with a carpet repair company. A Advanced Home Care provides many carpet and rug cleaning services. We can assess your issue and advise on the best way to deal with it.

How to Repair Carpets

repair carpet patterns

Our team will assess your carpet damage to see what service makes the most sense for you. Then we’ll repair your carpets for you, even if it’s patterned. Some of the things we keep in mind when repairing carpets include:

  • Locating replacement carpet. If you don’t have a remnant piece of carpet, we’ll do all we can to find the right patterned carpet to match.
  • Choosing a repair piece to match. We’ll review the section of the carpet that needs to be repaired carefully. Then we’ll cut a piece of carpet to match perfectly. Trimming the piece of carpet is one of the most important aspects of making your repair look great. We use proper equipment to ensure it will fit correctly and look great.
  • Matching the direction of the nap of your carpet. Even with an expertly cut piece of carpet, the patched area can stand out if you don’t match the nap direction carefully. We take the time to align the repair piece of carpet carefully.
  • Removing the damaged area. Using a sharp carpet knife, we’ll remove the area of carpet in question. If needed, we’ll also remove the carpet padding if you’re dealing with smells in your home.
  • Applying carpet tape. We’ll carefully apply carpet tape to the area to ensure your carpet patch looks great long-term. This process is tedious and takes great expertise.
  • Trimming the new carpet to match. Because the new carpet isn’t worn as much as the existing and surrounding carpet, we may need to trim the carpet fibers to match. This process helps ensure your carpet patch doesn’t stand out and look silly.

Carpet Repair Company in Everett, Washington

A Advanced Home Care provides carpet cleaning, repair and installation in Everett, Washington. We also provide rug cleaning services. Get a free quote for your carpet repair online or contact us with any questions about your patterned carpet repair needs.


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